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 About Us: and our products

All Women Recycling  and allUPCYCLEDis a small business, based in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town and is the result of Lynn Worsley's desire to create a sustainable and profitable business, while supporting the environment and empowering other women.

The kliketyklikbox™ is a versatile and trendy, yet practical and upmarket, eco-friendly gift box recycled from plastic 2-litre cool drink bottles. Women who have been unemployed for longer than 2 years are taught the skills needed to create these boxes, while at the same time learning business management, life and sales skills.

The I.PET   (intelligent PET) using 2 bottles beautifully sewing high quality zips to make pencil cases travel bags storage containers. small and large sizes

THE PETTIPOD   with a flavour of fabric   chic and decorative   small and large. variety of colours.

Approximately 350 kliketyklikboxes™ are produced by the women daily and are supplied to more than 30 retail outlets. In addition, about 85% of the eco-friendly gift boxes are exported to countries such as Germany, Switzerland, UK, USA and Australia. Canada, The Netherlands,Sweden, Austria, New Zealand. Belgium and Luxemborg.

"Keeping our environment clean one bottle at a time" - our goal is very focused and simple; to create sought-after upcycled products that benefit the environment and empower local women. 2016 we saved over 1/2 a million bottles from going to landfills  and thats only with your help. Lets make 2017 an even safer plastic bottle free landfill planet.

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  • To empower women from marginalised backgrounds whilst at the same time care for our environment through our innovative approach to upcycling.  
  • To create a safe place to nurture women with skills education Affording them a chance at a better fulfilled life.

Empowering. Upcycling. Creating


  1. We are professional and honest in our working relationships.
  2. We strive for equity in our decision-making and treatment of each other.
  3. We honour our commitments.
  4. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical and performance standards.
  5. We nurture women through social networks.
  6. We create awareness of green issues and the need to recycle, reuse and reduce.
  7. We highlight the plight of women in need in South Africa.
  8. We upcycle materials into top-quality sellable products.
  9. We create sustainable channels of employment.
  10. We sell globally to empower locally.


We are dedicated to providing exceptional service. We listen carefully and respond to the needs and expectations of our customers and the community. We encourage creativity and innovation as we seek to improve our performance and environment. We also aim to nurture women through social networks, new skills training and business education. We want to create awareness of green issues and the need to recycle, reuse and reduce.


Our Workplace:

All Women Recycling Workplace  Upcycling Products Workplace
All Women Recycling Workplace  Upcycling Products Workplace

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