World Changer Collaboration

All our world changer ranges are made from recycled plastic bottles . A strong collaboration with Wren Design, adding their amazing strengthened cement bags to create stunning versatile hard wearing sustainable luxury accessories. Travel bags. Tote bags. Pouches that are great for corporate branding. Planters in two sizes. Backpacks and many more items to come.










How Do I Clean / Wash Item?

Wren paper products are coated with Nano liquid glass, making them water, dirt and oil resistant. Unlike with fabric that dirt can cling to fibres, paper is smooth and dirt does not naturally cling to it. However, if your sleeve does get some marks on it over time, gently use an eraser. Be careful of rubbing too hard as this may remove some parts of the Nano protective coating.

If you get an oily mark on the paper that the Nano was unable to resist, try putting some bi-carb or baby powder on the mark overnight. The powder will “absorb” the mark and make it disappear.

Lastly, if the mark stubbornly refuses to budge, we suggest taking a permanent marker to it and making it a unique characteristic of the sleeve.